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Pregnancy Second Trimester - Here Is How Your Baby Grows
By Liza D Janda

Check out my bump!

Are you sick of all the hard work you have put into your beautiful baby's development, yet know one can tell you are pregnant. Well, you may find the reality of pregnancy sinking in.

What to expect during the beginning of the second trimester, is the uterus just beginning to climb up from the central pubic bone. Until now, it has been sheltered within the pelvis but now becomes too big and needs to lift up and out.

This means you may start to "show". However, this is highly depending on the individual and depends on your overall size and physique, many who have had children begin to show sooner.

What's my baby up to?

Between weeks 13-16 your baby is changing at a quick pace. He or she is beginning to form urine. Enjoy this time while it lasts, soon you will be changing diapers, but for now the amniotic fluid is soaking it all up. Your baby is also beginning to form tissue within his or her body. This tissue will soon change into bones. What to expect with these developments, and to look forward to is soon feeling the babies first flutters. No big kicks yet!

Boy or Girl?

Week 14 is here and your little he or she will soon be determined. At this time baby girls start to form ovarian follicles and boys begin to form their prostates.It will still be a few weeks before your doctor determines the sex via ultrasound! Hang in there!

Fetal Development

For the rest of your second trimester your baby will be changing a lot. Your baby will develop his or her skeleton, begin making sucking motions, start accumulating that cute chubby baby fat, starts to hear, and will begin forming the vernix which protects the baby. Congratulations you have made it half way!

Here is what to expect for the rest of your second trimester. You baby will begin to swallow, it's fingerprints and footprints will start to form, hair and finger nails start to grow, and the baby will begin responding to your voice or those fun Disney songs you play it.

Survival Tips

* Don't be alarmed by weight gain at this point.

* Get used to more frequent trips to the doctors

* Think about your diet and what you are eating.

* Take note of where you put things. Although you have two brains in your body, this is the time that pregnancy brain is known to sink in.

* Relax. A stress free mama equals a stress free baby

Well you have made it through the second trimester. At this time what to expect is big kicks, belly rubs, baby showers, and daydreaming about that cute little mini you that is on his or her way.

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis or to guide treatment without the opinion of a health professional. Any reader should contact a licensed medical professional regarding their own condition.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Liza_D_Janda

Second Trimester Pregnancy Week By Week Facts
By Apurva Shree

Here's a guide to keep you in pace with the changes taking place in your womb in the second trimester pregnancy week by week.

The second trimester lasts from week 14 to week 26.

The 14th Week

Your baby is 2 ounces. It has tiny arms and legs and a prominent heartbeat. You should have lots of fiber in your diet to combat the problem of constipation, which is common in this pregnancy week.

The 15th Week

Your baby has become hairy! The hair helps her to regulate the temperature during birth. Your belly gets larger due to the increase in the size of uterus. It's time to go for a prenatal check up to ensure your baby is developing properly.

The 16th Week

Your baby has become active. It starts kicking and twisting. Your abdomen will become heavier, as the baby grows further. As you keep a tab on your second trimester pregnancy week by week, do not forget to visit your doctor for amniocentesis. Here, your amniotic fluid is tested to rule out any birth defects in your baby.

The 17th Week

Your baby is becoming chubbier day by day. You are bound to gain more weight.

The 18th Week

Your baby can open her eyes and its digestive system has started functioning.

The 19th Week

Your baby gets covered by a waxy substance in order to shield it from the wet surrounding. This waxy layer also helps in sliding the baby smoothly out of your vaginal canal during delivery. Be prepared for strong mood swings, dry skin, boils and rashes.

The 20th Week

It's time for you to attend childbirth classes. You may feel pain in your abdomen, which is normal. There are new developments in your baby during this week. If it's a girl, her sex organs will begin to develop.

The 21st Week

At this stage, there is not much development. If there are twins, you may face swelling of feet due to edema.

The 22nd Week

Your baby's brain and sex organs are in the process of development. All other organs are completely developed. You may experience back pain due to the pressure exerted by the growing baby.

The 23rd Week

Your baby is hyperactive at this stage. You should be on the alert for preterm labor. Watch out for bleeding, spotting, and contractions.

The 24th Week

You should go for a prenatal check up to rule out the possibility of gestational diabetes.

The 25th Week

Your baby starts developing arteries and veins, and spinal column. Your backache may get severe.

The 26th Week

Your baby's respiratory system has developed completely by now. You are about to approach the third stage, which is also known as baby stage of pregnancy.

As compared to the first stage, the second stage is relatively easy. Ignorance is not bliss in pregnancy period. Know about second trimester pregnancy week by week and make your journey more enjoyable than fearful.

It is important to know about the changes that take place in your body during the second trimester pregnancy week by week. The first trimester pregnancy rarely goes smooth. But the second trimester plays the most important role in the development of your baby. By the time it is the third trimester pregnancy you are ready to face your pregnancy due date.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Apurva_Shree

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